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We encourage business and society.

Events & Activities

DW is a sponsor of the 6th International Conference "Fat-and-oil industry - 2007" held in November 14-15, 2007, Kiev, President-hotel Kiyevskiy

 Organizers: Agribusiness Consulting Agency APK-Inform. Under support: Ministry of Agricultural policy of Ukraine; Association "Ukroliyaprom".
Topics: Market of sunflower and by-products; Market of soybeans and by-products; Market of rapeseeds and by-products; Market of tropical oils; Derivation and promotion of new brands in fat-and-oil industry; Logistics and sales of fat-and-oil products on CIF basis: advantages and problems; Mobilization of investment into fat-and-oil industry; Quality and safety of fat-and-oil production.

Target audience: trading companies; processors of oilseeds and producers of fat-and-oil production; tropical oils' suppliers; producers of oilseeds and suppliers of sunseeds; producers and suppliers of material resources for fat-and-oil industry; forwarding and surveying companies; analytical agencies, banks, insurance and leasing companies.

DW constructs a safety path for village citizens of Novie Belyary

In July 2007 Delta Wilmar constructed a safety path for the general area of 400 meters. Location: village Novie Belyary.

DW is a general sponsor of the 5th International Conference "Fat-and-oil industry - 2006" held in November, 16-17 2006, Odessa, hotel "Odessa".

 Organizers: Agribusiness Consulting Agency APK-Inform. Under support: Ministry of Agricultural policy of Ukraine; Association "Ukroliyaprom".
Topics: World market of oilseeds and products of processing: condition, tendencies, prices short-term and long-term trends; Condition and forecast of oil-and-fat industry development in the CIS countries (in the context of different countries, oilseeds and products of processing); New high-productive sorts of traditional and alternative oilseeds; Inedible usage of oilseeds; Perspective directions of oil-and-fat industry development; Marketing of oil-and-fat production; Technological aspects of oil-and-fat production.

Target audience of the conference: trade companies; processors of oil crops and producers of fat-and-oil production; suppliers of tropical oils; producers of oil crops and suppliers of oil crop seeds; producers and suppliers of equipment for fat-and-oil branch; forwarding companies and surveyor companies; analytic agencies, banks, insurance and leasing companies.

2006 Delta Wilmar develops a social action program for citizens of Novie Belyary

The social action program developed for the period of the year 2006 year 2010 includes the following activities: provision of local school with computers, information technologies, manuals; renovation of school premises and territory, provision of lower-income families with wood and coal; prophylactic medical inspection of preschool and school children; help in cleaning the territory of the village; repair works of water supply pipeline network.

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