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About us

East Oils S.A. is the Switzerland based company, which is involved in trading of palm oils from Illychevsk, Ukraine. 

We are working in cooperation with the Pacific Interlink company and we receive direct shipments of palm oils from Malaysia and Indonesia. Pacific Interlink is a well established trading company with annual volume of exports in excess of 2 mln tons of tropical oils per year to the markets of Black Sea, Red Sea, East Mediterranean, East and South Africa.

We carry out transshipment through the Illychevsk Oils and Fats Industrial Complex with 50 000 m^3 of edible oils storage facility in the Illychevsk port, Ukraine. We always have stocks of palm oils in our storage, which allows us to accommodate our clients` demand and logistical delivery requests.

Sales of tropical oils are made on the EXW or DAF basis through the Ukraine`s custom border in railway wagons or auto trucks.
Prices change on daily basis after the Malaysian stock exchange closure. Terms of payment are discussed and agreed for every delivery individually. To cooperate in the most effective way we can also provide futures fixation of prices and volumes.



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