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We offer to our clients the following services:

  • delivery of the cargo "door to door";
  • development of the schemes of the delivery of the cargo - Having knowledge of local rules, regulations and equipment, we also have vast and friendly relations to numerous local decision making people. This helps us to render the valuable assistance to our Clients in avoiding possible troubles, which could arise in CIS in points of connections of different services and interests, such as Customs, Stevedores, Rail/Vessel/Trucks, Consignee etc;
  • development of the schemes of the loading;
  • necessary permits and ordinations;
  • guard and accompaniment cargo on all way of the following;
  • survey for discharging / transhipment / loading / lashing;
  • transport Insurance;
  • warehousing;


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of.1, 50, Troitskaya str.
Odessa, Ukraine, 65045


+380 48 777 77 72
+380 48 777 77 82