Risoil S.A.

RISOIL S.A.was founded in 2000.

At present the Company possesses the properties specialized in:

  • logistics arrangement of vegoil, bulk and general cargos in Black Sea ports;
  • trade of grains and industrial agricultural crops;
  • sale and production of vegoil;
  • storage and processing of agricultural products.

Risoil S.A. employs over 500 people in 7 countries, who implement their professional and creative potential.
Its existing structure and assets allow it to be stable, effective and actively developing, with clear understanding of its prospects as well as being able to efficiently react to any changes in the Global market.

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Year of structural optimization of the Company.
Final processing of sunflower seed cake in Turkey, sales of sunflower oil and seed cake on Turkish market.
Opening of Georgian office. Start of retail sales of refined deodorized oil in the Caucasus.

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