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Dear Friends and Colleagues!

Our company is 10 years old in 2002. From the point of view of the age we are only schoolchildren, but on the other hand our capability to settle different problems in transportation logistics and the level of their complexity put УMGK Ц TransforwardФ into the rang of the international transportation companies.

The high level of professionalism, the great desire to work, the constant aspiration to go ahead are the main characteristics of our company. We can proudly say, Yes! We are already established and accepted, we are in position to continue our development and growth.

I express deep gratitude to all my Colleagues and Friends of our company, to all those who were with us during all these years, and invite everybody, who is interested in our business, the efficient solutions in transportation logistics and the shipТs management, to mutually advantageous cooperation.

We believe You will also become our faithful Friends and reliable Partners.


MGK Transforward Company
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