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High variety of exclusive curtain poles
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All about curtain poles

  • Curtain Poles and Finials

    In our eternal pursuit to draw attention to the forgotten or scorned decorating accessories, we turn the spotlight onto one of the most neglected pieces of the home the curtain rod! We hope that you won't have to cover your eyes when you draw back the curtains and behold a warped rod. Possibly, there's an absence of those ornamental extremities called finials at the end of the rods. Fear not because there are many ways to improve upon these necessities of window treatments.

  • Choosing of curtain rods colors

    The right curtain rod can change a plain window treatment to dramatic and with the variety available online you will be able to find exactly what you want. Cafe, wood or decorative metal rods can add distinction to your window treatment. Good quality traverse rods make sure your new curtains work properly and easily to open and close as you need them. The right curtain rod is a worthwhile investment.

  • Installing Poles

    Hanging window treatments is one of the simplest decorating projects you can undertake. But the payoff from dressing up an ordinary window with a little color and texture can be startling.

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