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High variety of exclusive curtain poles
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  Metal curtain poles 16mm
  Metal curtain poles 25mm
  Curtain poles УPrince & GoaФ
  Curtain poles 28mm
  Curtain poles УKidsФ
  Window accessories
  Curtain poles УImpressioneФ
  Ceiling profile OM
  Aluminium profiles
    Profile P-1
    Profile P-2
    Profile P-3
    Profile P-4
    Profile P-43
    Profile P-55
    Profile P-62
    Profile P-63
    Profile P-64
    Profile P-65
    Profile P-88
    Profile P-99

Aluminium profiles
Aluminium profiles

Ideally approach for modern buildings, for windows with complex geometry, such as a bay window, an arch or other. The set of form variants a structure will allow to create any form of an poles easily. Models for Austrian, Roman and French curtains (P-43). The Japanese panel (P-62, P-63, P-64, P-65). The wide range of aluminium structures will help to choose the most rational decision taking into account your desire, the price and functionality.

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