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RBD Palm Stearin

Palm Stearin is the most solid fraction obtained by fractionation of Palm Oil after crystallization at the controlled temperature.
Palm Stearin is a very useful source of fully natural hard fat component for products such as Shortenings and Margarine Products. It is also an excellent raw material for soap making and oleo chemical preparations. 

Free Fatty Acid (as Palmitic), %

0,2 max.

Moisture & Impurities , %

0,15 max.

Iodine Value (WIJS) 

48 min.

Melting Point (AOCS CC 3-25) , °C

44 max.

Colour (5.25” Lovibond Cell)    

3 Red max.

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    Refined, Bleached &
    Deodorized Palm Stearin

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