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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibilty
Pollution management and control:
Delta Wilmar CIS understands very clearly its responsibility in maintaining the ecological balance and considers itself as a part of the whole ecological system promoting the preservation of the flora and fauna. The parent companies of DWCIS have stringently adopted measures in this direction and have designed their plants with the latest technologies that prevent pollution and enhance the surrounding environment. Delta Wilmar is a lively citation in this regard which assumed this responsibility as a corporate citizen and complies with all stringent environmental policies and international pollution standards.

Delta Wilmar employs latest technology in its refining and manufacturing processes which are well controlled such that there is no pollution in transition from one process to the other. The plant is committed in achieving highest production standards under the premise of stringent environmental management yardsticks to reduce wastages at each stage and on the whole of the products life cycle. The company effectively manages its wastes and engages a no-burn policy. The state of the art waste treatment plant effectively processes the plants wastes such that the net out put adds to the greener environment around. To have a strong control and towards continual improvement, Delta Wilmar has dedicated personnel to actively monitor the pollution factors and effectively manage it on an on-going basis.

Delta Wilmar has developed an environmental and social management system that covers the existing project and any future expansion. The Companys environmental and social management system has undergone independent audits for conformance with international certification requirements for ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and audit results have been submitted for international certification. The ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications are expected to be obtained in near future. As part of the latter certification, the company is working on developing its food safety management system and obtaining an international Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification for the facility.

Labour Safety:
Delta Wilmar provides a conducive and a safe environment for its employees working in its plant. Apart from making its plants secure with the latest technologies in all respects, it also has policies and procedures in place to be strictly adhered which ensures discipline and safety at the work place. The plant is largely automated and has effective controls to monitor a safe and efficient performance.

Social Responsibility:
Delta Wilmar is a company aimed for the society, by the society and of the society. So while making world class quality products and services available to its customers, the company just doesnt stop there. It considers the environment - natural and social, it operates in, as an integral part of the global village and takes up initiatives on a continual basis to make the society a better place to live.

Delta Wilmar has developed a Community Development Plan for 2006-2010 that includes a number of programs in Novye Bilyary, a neighboring village, such as providing financial support to a local school, landscaping of the territory of the village, providing clothes and fuels to the vulnerable categories of population of the village, monitoring of health of children as well as periodic social events in the community that are planned and conducted together with the community. The Company has developed a Community Engagement Plan for 2008 that includes monthly public meetings with Company's representatives and information brief and discussions on the following topics: company's activities and production processes, environmental protection and health, and community and social activities that are planned and undertaken by the Company jointly with the local community.

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