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History of the oil palm
Palm uses in F&B
Nutrition Value
Palm uses and application in F&B
Palm oil is used worldwide for a variety of cooking techniques and in food products. It is used as a cooking oil, shortening and margarine. Palm oil due to its various compositional characteristics is incorporated as an integral component in fat blends and is used in the manufacture of various food products.

It has a high solid glyceride content which gives a desired consistency without hydrogenation, is very resistant to oxidation and therefore has a good shelf life, and thus possesses properties that are desirable in cakes and other bakery products.

Palm oil is used in such products as bread and rolls, pancakes, waffles, crackers, ready to eat cereals, chips, popcorn, toaster tarts, cookies, cakes, pies, canned puddings, candies, coffee whitener, non-dairy toppings, infant formulas, cocoa mixes, fried potatoes and onions, soups, gravies and frozen and dry mix entrees.

It is also especially useful in the manufacture of margarines since it imparts natural coloring and high glyceride content without hydrogenation. As a frying fat, palm oil has a high resistance to oxidation and does not leave an unpleasant room odor.

Palm oil is also used in oleo chemical products, which are raw materials, for the production of soap, shampoos, perfumes and other cosmetics products.

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