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RBD Palm Oil
RBD Palm Stearin
RBD Palm Olein
Refined Coconut Oil
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RBD Palm Oil
General description
RBD palm oil is obtained from refining of Crude Palm Oil.

RBD palm oil is a light yellow liquid or semi-solid at room temperature, melting to clear yellow liquid on slight heating.

RBD palm oil is used as frying oil for food industries, such as, instant noodles, snack foods, etc. It is also used in others food industries, such as, margarines, shortenings, ice cream, condensed milk, vanaspati etc.

Technical specifications

Free Fatty Acid (as palmitic)

AOCS Ca 5a-40


Moisture & Impurities

AOCS Ca 2c-25

0.1% max

Slip Melting point

AOCS Cc 3-25

33-39 °C

Iodine Value (Wijs)

AOCS Cd 1-25


Colour (Lovibond 5.25 cell)

Model AF 900E

3R 30 Y max

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