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General Description
Wilwhite is a high quality non-lauric confectionery fat based on hydrogenated, bleached, and deodorized palm oil.

The fat is very resistant to oxidation and flavour reversion. Wilwhite is of non-lauric origin and will not develop soapy taste. Coffee whitener that uses Wilwhite to replace butter fat will have better keeping properties.


Wilwhite is recommended to replace butter fat in non-dairy coffee whitener. The finely dispersed, emulsified fat globules will provide the whitening effect when used in coffee. Wilwhite is strongly recommended as a non-dairy coffee whitener, especially when lauric base products are not desirable.

Technical Specifications
Free Fatty Acid (as palmitic) (AOCS Ca 5a-40) = 0.1% max.
Moisture & Impurities (AOCS Ca 2c-25) = 0.1% max.
Colour (Lovibond 5?cell) (model AF 900 E) = 3R max. 30Y max.
Slip Melting Point (AOCS Cc 3-25) = 44 46 Deg. C
Iodine Value (Wijs) (AOCS Cd 1-25) = 35 39

Solid Fat Content (pulse NMR)

10 Deg. C = 80 min. 20 Deg. C = 65 min.
25 Deg. C = 53 58 30 Deg. C = 38 43
35 Deg. C = 26 30 40 Deg. C = 18 max

Wilwhite is moulded into polyethylene bags and packed in 20 or 25kg. cartons.

It is essential to store Wilwhite in the original packing in a cool and dry place, preferably not above 20 Deg. C and with 60% relative humidity. It should not be exposed to bright daylight and must be stored away from odouriferous materials.

A 20 ft. container can load 1000 cartons of 20 kg. each which is equivalent to 20 metric tons.
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